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Powder Coating Booth

Powder Coating Booth

Being the leading manufacturer of Paint Finishing Systems, TechExpert offers a complete range of uniquely designed modular Powder Coating Booth and systems for both manual and fully automatic coating applications. Having several years of experience to our benefit, we not only design and manufacture but also provide installation, commissioning and service support of powder coating systems and equipment. Apart from our wide gamut of Powder Coating Booth models, we also provide various range of Powder Coating Ovens.

The benefits of TECHExpert's Powder Coating Booths are numerous!


We believe, highest efficiency in a spray booth can only be attained when the capacity, size and other specifications are best suited to the kind of work that is performed. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the following parameters while selecting the most appropriate booth for a specific coating component.

  • Size of the article to be coated.
  • Rate of production (i.e Paint Consumption).
  • Product handling method.


  • Modular design compatible with every type of Spraying Application.
  • Superior construction: booth is constructed by nut-bolt.
  • Powder recovery through Single cyclone, Multi cyclone and Cartridge filters.
  • Batch type powder coating booth and Fully automatic system.
  • Fully automatic conveyorised systems with continuous powder curing ovens.
  • State of the Art powder collection gives maximum powder recovery.
  • After recovery systems like – cartridge type reverse pulse jet systems.
  • Maximum illumination inside the booth for accurate coating area.
  • Powder booths are modular construction with Powder coated steel, Galvanised steel or stainless steel construction.
  • Our spray booths are Designed for rapid colour changes.
  • Pre-assembled and tested at no extra cost.
  • Hundreds of installations worldwide.
  • Ex- stocks of spray booth parts ensure minimum down time.
  • Easy and simple maintenance.
  • Complies with the standard health and safety legislation.

At TECHExpert , we have a complete range of modern, high efficiency recovery equipment to compliment our booths. Our various selections include ; High efficiency single or multi cyclones, Non oven antistatic bag filters, Cartridge filters and Reverse pulse jet cartridge filters, ductless design, powder handling equipment and a full range of high quality application equipment including Powder Gun ,reciprocators, Electronic product sensors, auto powder recycling systems.

It is important to know that perfectly applied powder needs to be cured in the correct environment. Thus, TECHExpert Powder Coating Ovens are specifically designed for curing electrostatic powder coatings.

Powder Coating Booth Powder Coating Booth Powder Coating Booth