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Powder Coating Systems

Automatic/Conveyorised Powder Coating Systems

Having kept ourselves abreast with domestic and international industry trends, we at TECHExpert channelise our knowledge to develop an array of uniquely conceptualised and designed modular Powder Coating Booth and systems for both manual and automatic coating applications. In addition to Powder Coating Booth Models, we also offer a range of Powder Coating Ovens. Our multi-cyclone recovery systems and booths ensure maximum recovery of over-sprayed powder. There is only one percent scope of non-recovery in the cartridge type booth. The detailed designing ensures there is zero loss of powder from the cut-outs. The ductless construction ensures minimum cleaning time, which is further facilitated by the trough design, thus making optimal use of the repose angle. The roll-in-roll-out mechanism optimizes the cleaning time as per the requirement of our customer. The manual and motorized modes, both, have the aforementioned mechanism.

Batch & Semi Conveyorised Systems

  • Batch type powder coating booth with the Multicyclone recovery system
  • Bag filter & cartridge filter options available
  • Powder curing ovens with electrical, oil fired & gas fired heating options are available
  • Conveyor track and trolley (manual) for material handling as an option

Fully Automatic & Conveyorized Systems

  • Fully automatic powder coating booth with Multicyclone/Mono cyclone recovery system and bag filter or cartridge type after recovery systems with reverse pulse jet
  • Bag filter & cartridge filter options available
  • Automatic Powder spray application with reciprocators
  • Automatic powder recycling system and Powder Management
  • Conveyorised Powder curing ovens with electrical, oil fired & gas fired heating options are available
  • Motorised as well as power and free Conveyor for material handling as an option

Powder Coating Booth

  • Suited for low volume or high volume production
  • Complies with standardized safety and environmental legislation
  • Fully modular construction
  • Well designed multicyclone, bag filter & cartridge filter
  • Standard and customized sizes are available
  • Excellent powder recovery with cyclone separation

Powder Curing Oven

  • Cost-effective and highly efficient
  • Heavy duty thermal insulation
  • Modular cassette construction
  • Available with electrical, oil fired & gas fired heating
  • Infrared heating systems as an option
  • Automatic temperature control

Numerous Benefits of TECHExpert Powder Coating System

  • Modular design allowing for most types of Spraying Application
  • Superior construction: booth is constructed by nut-bolt
  • Powder recovery through Single cyclone and Multi cyclones
  • Batch type powder coating booth and Fully automatic system
  • Fully automatic conveyorized systems with continuous powder curing ovens
  • State-of-the-art powder collection gives maximum powder recovery
  • After recovery systems like –cartridge type reverse pulse jet systems
  • Modular construction with Powder coated steel, Galvanised steel or stainless steel construction
  • Spray booth designed for rapid colour changes
  • Pre-assembled and tested at no extra cost
  • Hundreds of installations worldwide
  • Ex-stocks of spray booth parts ensure minimum downtime
  • Easy maintenance
  • Complies with standardized health and safety legislation