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Wood Finishing Systems

Conveyorised / Automatic Paint Finishing Systems

With 20 years of experience in system design and installation, TechEXPERT has acquired unparalleled expertise to meet all your requirements of Wood & Plastic Finishing Systems. For the last two decades, our internal design and manufacturing team has been driving innovation to meet the needs of leading companies within the finishing industry. Twenty years of operations have helped us acquire an in-depth understanding of our industry, we boast of having unrivalled knowledge of paint finishing applications within your market. The aforementioned is applicable through the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of customised systems uch as Dry Filter and Water wash Spray booth, Paint kitchens, Manual and automatic spray applicators, Paint drying Ovens, Conveyorised Ovens and complete turnkey finishing solutions.

The unique modular design in the wood and plastic part-spray booth, make our Wood Finishing systems different from the rest. The high efficiency of arresting over sprayed paint particles is facilitated by the advanced paint arresting filter's design. The over sprayed paint particles are carried towards the high efficient exhaust air stream through the dynamic high air velocity feature.

The comprehensive Wood & Plastic Finishing Systems provided by us comprise of material handling equipment, Conveyors, Paint mixing rooms, Product stands, Jigs / fixtures and a complete range of consumable items including Filters, Spares, Commissioning, Meeting EHS norms, Planned Preventative Maintenance, and 24 Hour service back up.

Having evolved with the unparalleled technology over the last two decades, our satisfied customers trust our expertise of Paint Finishing Systems to to get the perfect coat finishing to their products.


The following are the most significant factors that enable the right selection of the most appropriate for a specific coating component:

Design Basics

  • Component dimension
  • Production schedule
  • Paint application process
  • Conveyor speed
  • Utilities

Undoubtedly, TECHExpert Engineering is your best bet for Plastic & Wood Finishing systems in the market


  • Concept to commissioning of projects.
  • Modular design allowing for most types of Spraying Application.
  • Superior construction: booth is constructed by nut-bolt.
  • Fully automatic conveyorised systems with continuous paint baking ovens.
  • Modular spray booth design allowing for all types of Spraying Application.
  • Restricts paint over spray to a specified area.
  • Reduces attendant health hazards and provides for maximum operator comfort.
  • Excellent overspray collection maximizes environmental compliance.
  • Designed and manufactured for severe industrial environment conditions.
  • Provides optimum air velocity to exhaust the overspray without affecting spraying efficiency.
  • Galvanised steel or stainless steel construction available on request.
  • State-of-the-art workmanship.
  • Safe: minimises risk of fire due to solvent vapours and overspray deposits.


  • Automotive & Auto components
  • Plastic components and its applications
  • Steel and wooden furniture.