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World Class Painting System

Overhead manual conveyor track and trolley

TechExperts overhead conveyor systems are designed to suit most existing working environments. They can be configured as chain powered or a low cost alternative to ‘power and free’ systems for certain scenarios such as lean manufacturing systems. Automatic switches allow for side shifting on dual tracks to maximize storage space. TechExpert six profiles are capable of carrying loads up to 3,520 lbs. TechExpert provides a complete range of track sections, support fittings, trolleys, turns and switches.

These components can be assembled to produce a large range of modular design products including:

TechExpert produces manual overhead conveyor systems that are modular in design for ease of installation and modification.

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World Class Painting System

Our complete range of surface coating solutions includes consultancy, design, engineering, and commissioning of customized systems for surface finishing and cutting-edge nano-coating technology. We cater to all industrial and consumer goods applications, delivering finished coatings that meet specific requirements.

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