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World Class Painting System

E-Coating ( CED Coating )

We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of CED Coating Plants and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Cathodic Electro-deposition ( CED ) is Water Based primer coating & mostly used in automotive paint shop. In this process, charged particles from the paint emulsion move to Cathode under electrical forces. The direct current established through the `bath makes the pigment and resin base of the paint attract towards the component surfaces.

It can be done by

Reach of paint at every corner of component having intrinsic shape. Un-deposited material is rinsed. Ultra-filtrate ( UF ) equipment’s are used for ED paint ingredients separation of those not forming film and recovery of Paints. Deposited film after baking becomes hard.

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World Class Painting System

Our complete range of surface coating solutions includes consultancy, design, engineering, and commissioning of customized systems for surface finishing and cutting-edge nano-coating technology. We cater to all industrial and consumer goods applications, delivering finished coatings that meet specific requirements.

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