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World Class Painting System

Wet Spray Paint Booth

TechExpert  make design & manufacture Wet Paint Booths suitable for Spray Painting, fine Paint Dust Extraction, Car painting extraction applications. We are the leading manufacturers of the dust extraction system and paint booths in India. Our customer care technical team is here to assist you in selecting the right equipment, so give us a call with any questions. 


TechExpert Manufacturing Wet Paint Booth or Liquid Paint Booth for some Special kind of metal parts Painting Applications and wooden furniture painting use. In this model high volume airflow air suck the excess, fumes and dust are arrested threw the water curtain and water mist. So hazardous particles are washed and collected threw the running water curtain. The functional principle of the Liquid painting booth is a water wash the sucked excess paint threw water curtain and mist stream. This water wash ensures the separation of the beside-sprayed paint. The painting stations have continuous water rinsing. So the beside-sprayed paint will be drained by the water stream. Filtered pure air sent out the atmosphere.

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World Class Painting System

Our complete range of surface coating solutions includes consultancy, design, engineering, and commissioning of customized systems for surface finishing and cutting-edge nano-coating technology. We cater to all industrial and consumer goods applications, delivering finished coatings that meet specific requirements.

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